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We are dedicating this section to different career options, which bothers lakhs of students across the country each year who are not sure about their respective career paths. 'Shall i go for a career in engineering?' or medicine suits my kind of personality' or 'There is nothing like a career in accountancy' or 'should i pursue something which is off-beat?' It's but natural that these questions begin to bother a student when he or she is in class xii when board exams are just a few months away, and one has to take a decision depending upon strengths and weaknesses in one's chosen area.

Before one embarks on his or her journey towards a particular career, one should evaluate one's strengths and weaknesses like 'what i like to do Vs what i don't like?, what i am capable of doing?, what is my type of work?, One should look at one's background, introspect, find out one's interest areas, think as to what one would like to do after 5 or 10 years in terms of work, area of work, industry where one would like to work and specializations. These will help one to zero in, on a particular career among the plethora of options available today.

The available career options were categorized into three areas, Academically Oriented, Traditional Careers which include medicine, engineering, chartered accountancy (CA), Company secretary (CS), Non-Traditional Careers which include law and technology, creative careers which include architecture, design, fashion, media and communications, service oriented careers which include hotel management and BBA and Alternate careers which include photography and fine arts.

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