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Author : RAGHVENDRA JNV Name : Panghata-Shivpuri-Madhya Pradesh
No of Posts : 51 Date/time : 17-12-2015 1:21:17
Message shared onbehalf of Arun Kumar :

Dear sir,
First let me introduce myself. I am x
student of JNV Sardhana Meerut. I am impressed with your efforts.

Now I come to the point You know very well about the case of Ramesh Kumar (X
student JNVS Meerut pass out 1997). He is living in Delhi with his wife and a
sweet daughter.He is too sick to walk, He had been facing the dialysis three
times in a week and spending a lot in medical treatment. In short He is dying
slowly and hardly surviving and even now facing the problem of medical
treatment. He tried to attract you attention at this matter. but still there is
no response from your end. You are one of the important person of JNV Foundation
and if i am right the main motto of the Allumni is to help the person belonging
to JNV. I appeal to the JNV Alumni and all its member please pay a role into
this matter.
Don't take me wrong I am not saying for the financial
help. But from Alumni's efforts he may live a better life else his family can
be starve. If you will try He can get the govt. help as well as social help
financially. I am leaving his contact no. below please contact him with a
hopeful and helping hand. After all he is one of us and how can we leave him
like this to die.
Ramesh contact no. - 9911285101


Arun Kumar
JNVS Merrut (1997)