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Author : NALINI GOVADA JNV Name : Veleru-Krishna-Andhra Pradesh
No of Posts : 1 Date/time : 29-10-2011 16:18:24
Hi every one.I am Nalini Govada.I was a student of JNV, Krishna, veleru, Krishna district.I just want to share this flat form as a tool to know about all the navodaya students who are abroad right now and making their careers...people who are in USA...Please respond to this post,,and post your details that we can be helpful to each other...Hope you all get on.....

Author : TASLEEM AHMED JNV Name : Jahangirabad-Barabanki-Uttar Pradesh
No of Posts : 1 Date/Time : 13-07-2012 14:31:51

hi everyone

can anyone help me in getting a job of bank teller/bank clerk/cashier at usa/canada.currently i am

working at state bank of india-balrampur(up-india).


thanka n regards

tasleem ahmed


Author : RAGHVENDRA JNV Name : Panghata-Shivpuri-Madhya Pradesh
No of Posts : 51 Date/Time : 20-07-2012 2:47:56
Dear Tasleem,

To get a job in USA/Canada, You need a work visa or get migrated to these countries.
For work visa, You required offer letter from concerned bank and then apply under respective category to Embassy of these countries.
For migration, You can consult any Migration consultants for specific requirements.
Explore on these points online for detail information.