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Author : RAGHVENDRA JNV Name : Panghata-Shivpuri-Madhya Pradesh
No of Posts : 51 Date/time : 27-12-2004 1:16:00
Dear Friends,

As per the growing competition in every field, We have to plan our career seriously and it need to have advises from experienced person or different sources.

Hope this platform will provide support on your career related issues.

Good Luck,

Alumni Team

Author : GULSHAN RAJ V SHETTY JNV Name : Chara-Udupi-Karnataka
No of Posts : 1 Date/Time : 31-12-2004 2:26:00
hi guys n gals...nice work from the there r some to judge our use this added benefit and shape ur career with good option
bye take care

Author : PRAVEEN KUMAR BUTAR JNV Name : Sardhana-Meerut-Uttar Pradesh
No of Posts : 2 Date/Time : 23-01-2005 6:04:00
hi friends,
i would like to draw ur kind attention towards the scholarship provided by singapur airlines for higher education if u have secured >85% marks in 10th class and u qualify the interview (especially for english communication).
forms are issued in april,and only 12th pass students are eligible
so best of luck.
for more quieries contact:
praveen butar
jnv meerut

Author : RATNAKAR JNV Name : Maddirala-Guntur-Andhra Pradesh
No of Posts : 9 Date/Time : 27-01-2005 6:17:00
Hi friends,

I think it is better to give a broader idea about Career after X th onwards,

If they choose a right group in 12th standard, they'll surely win the RACE.

Ratan K

Author : NAVEEN KUMAR RK JNV Name : Kuknoor-Koppal-Karnataka
No of Posts : 4 Date/Time : 06-02-2005 10:17:00
Defence Forces in India,
Army, Navy and Air Force offer challenging career
A person can enter in as an officer through vaious 10+2 cadet entry
such as NDA Naval Academy, Naval Colege of Engineering etc
However one can also join as an officer after graduation.

Author : LT PRABHAT MISHRA JNV Name : Amarkantak-Anupapur-Madhya Pradesh
No of Posts : 1 Date/Time : 30-04-2005 6:55:00
hi friends,
First of all let me congratulate the alumni team for hoisting such a wonderful platform and its so nice to have a forum for the navodians to interact with.
Being an Alumni of the great Navodaya Vidyalaya is an honour in itself. The spirit of "Hum nav yug ki nayi bharati-nayi aarati" still thrives on me. Being from the senior batches its my responsibility to guide my juniors and i'll be coming up very soon with the detailed information about the career options in the Armed forces (Army/ Navy/ Airforce).
Hope to see many more People joining up the Navodaya Alumni Team.
Lt Prabhat mishra

Author : PRITAM PEBAM JNV Name : Khumbong-Imphal West-Manipur
No of Posts : 1 Date/Time : 16-06-2005 7:06:00
maybe i'm losing a year for i'm thinking i would try the IIT the next year. would anybody tell me if its GOOD or BAD?

thanks to the alumni team for launching thiz website for the navdians.

Author : REWA SMRITI JNV Name : Kolasi-Katihar-Bihar
No of Posts : 67 Date/Time : 12-08-2005 1:10:00
Hi Pritam,

Sorry, We are very sorry for responding late....If u have decided to drop this yr then need not to think about it....Work hard and concentrate on your study, so that next year you definitely get through IIT. There are lot of students who drop a year or more to prepare for these kinds of competitive exam...Work hard for one whole yr is not a bad decision. IIT is a very prestigious institution where it is a great achievement to get in to one of them. IIT have post graduate courses also. If you can't make it under degree level you can go for one of the post graduate courses. Work hard and consult people from related field and you will definitely be successful. But remember, IIT is not the end of the world....If it may so happen that u do not get to IIT,don't be disappointed. There will be lots of other opportunity...Also studies never go waste...This one year whatever u study will always be useful to you. Do not afraid about ur deciosion.....Go ahead and try to crack it this time....Best of luck for ur golden future......

With luv & best rgds,

Rewa Smriti.

Author : SHAILENDRA SINGH JNV Name : Sardhana-Meerut-Uttar Pradesh
No of Posts : 1 Date/Time : 28-09-2005 1:03:00
It is really nice to see such a great website. We all want to work for the welfare of our JNV family and for this it is important to unite ourselves at one place so that we can optimize our efforts. My suggestion for my juniors is that one should always be positive while looking forward. Work hard and win the world because it is in the blood of JNVians. Being a graduate from IIT i feel that we have the potential to acheive the extraordinary things. The only things required are guidence and doing right thing at right time. So it is my suggestions to all JNVians to move ahead with positive thinking to acheive the target and we are here to guide u in best possible manner and to help u in acheiving ur target.

With best regards

Shailendra Singh