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Let me help you to know more about us...  
We are celebrating 9th anniversary (2003-2012) of this platform. We are gratefull to navodayan and visitors for their cooperation / suggestions in our consistent efforts. Due to regular response, We are reviewing existing features, developing new features and specially upgraded our discussion forum to make this place more helpful for navodayan visiting here. Now member do not required to register separately for forum login and they can login with their regular id/pwd. Earlier we used to have numerical id i.e. 505,2025 but now we have allowed users to have id of their own choice i.e. ravi,amit which will depend on availability. We have devided the features of this platform for three different categories of users - Guest, Navodayans(Alumni, Student and Staff of Navodaya family) and Coordinators. Guest can come and read different informations available on home page, forums and other links accessible thru home page. Navodayans need to registered with us to use some specific feature developed for them i.e. sending email to any member registered here, writing posts in to the forum etc. Coordinators are Navodayan who came forward to join our efforts so they will have access to some more features helpful in coordination. We will soon provide you feature wise detailed description till then you can write to for any clarification.
Raghvendra Chauhan
JNV Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh
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