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Value your words  
We eat good food to feel good and look good, we dress well to impress others and a lot other things to have a status in society. Did we ever think about the most important thing which matter the most? Did we ever think about words before we speak?

Words – may be a smaller source of conversation but matter most and need to be handled with care while exchanging our ideas with others as it gives life and meaning to the world around us. More importantly, once out, these will become the food for other’s thoughts which may lead to their actions.

The spoken word is a great magician, we should endeavor to heed to the word of wisdom and to learn to “use with care those living messengers called words” (W.Q .Judge). The most significant interaction between people is the spoken word. Writers use words to invoke thought and emotion. Motivational speakers use words to promote action. Politicians use words to get elected. The realization that each word that comes from your mouth has significant meaning is not a thought that crosses many people's minds before they speak. Do we ever think the importance of words before we speak?

A large part of the confusion and turmoil in today’s world is reflected in the words we use. Also, we can say, our impropriate use of words adds to the existing confusion and creates more complications, tensions and misunderstandings. If only we could purify and control our use of words we would be able to put to end many of the problems that we are facing today.

Words are those symbols which mirror the human thought. Our mind is reflected in the words we speak. Confused speech denotes a confused mind. Our feelings and our moral nature also gets reflected in our speech-in our choice of words and also in the tone in which we utter them.

Thus, we can say that words have a life of their own. After we give birth to it, it goes out to the world and depending upon its nature gives life or death. Words have the power to build as well as destroy, it can unite and divide, words can heal and also wound, words can bless and curse, reconcile or antagonize; enlighten or delude, reveal or hide!

Be positive while expressing your thoughts into words as it shows that you have confidence in what you are saying as well as projects your optimism onto your listeners. Hope the words I used will help you to understand the value of words we speak.

Rewa Smriti
JNV Katihar, Bihar
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