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Forum Index : : Topic - Which welcome song do you sing in your JNV?
Author : ASHISH SARKAR JNV Name : Barobisha-Jalpaiguri-WEST BENGAL
No of Posts : 8 Date/time : 10-05-2013 4:12:28
Hello Navodayans,

In every JNV there is a special welcome song and we sing that welcome song whenever guests come! Music teachers give a royal welcome to the guests with their troop in their own distinctive way... 

This is JNV Katihar, and here we welcome the guests with the song "Swagat hai Aapka"... How is the welcome done in your school? And which song do you sing? 


Author : REWA SMRITI JNV Name : Kolasi-Katihar-Bihar
No of Posts : 67 Date/Time : 10-05-2013 4:37:45
Dear Ashish.

Hmmm...nice post! 

There was one more welcome song which we used to sing in JNV Katihar.

"Welcome you, welcome you, 
welcome you today, 
a very special welcome is for you today!
We children of jnv...." 


Author : PRADEEP BILAIYA JNV Name : Panghata-Shivpuri-Madhya Pradesh
No of Posts : 10 Date/Time : 10-05-2013 5:01:05
su suwagtam pushpmal se ,
su suwagtam foolo k har se .......