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Forum Index : : Topic - Navodaya Alumni Meet - 2015
Author : RAGHVENDRA JNV Name : Panghata-Shivpuri-Madhya Pradesh
No of Posts : 51 Date/time : 05-12-2015 11:46:52

Dear Navodayans,
            It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that Alumni Meet is scheduled to organize on 6th December 2015 in all JNVs.

Some JNVs may change its schedule as per their and alumni availability. It is yet to plan in some JNVs because of lack of interaction with Alumni. This is not only Navodaya administration duties to send formal invite to its alumni, We should also come forward, Interect and assist them to get it organized as we have utilized the time and money spent upon us in Navodaya. So even if it is not getting organized on 6 December, Lets connect to alumni and plan it to organize this later.

Some of us are far from our native place and Navodaya and this may be difficult to attend this function at your JNV. You can find near by JNV and visit there to justify expectations.

In Navodaya, We should share our views and experience about inside Navodya and out side Navodaya so that the student studying presently in Navodaya may be inspired and motivated to achieve their goal.

We strongly believe that you will attend this Alumni Meet at your JNV / Nearby JNV and help to connect Navodayans.


Author : LAXMIKANT VERMA JNV Name : Pachpahar-Jhalawar-Rajasthan
No of Posts : 1 Date/Time : 19-03-2016 16:00:14
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