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Author : YASH PAL ROHILLA JNV Name : Dataur-Rohtak-Haryana
No of Posts : 2 Date/time : 21-05-2005 10:06:00
Hello All,
Some might have given a fleeting thought or two and some might have lost sleep (like me) over this issue. I wish all to come up with their views and enlighten others about the noises in their head about it. I think that its touching our lives in one way or the other. You can share your struggles enroute upto the point of becoming a netizen- if you had encountered any. You can come up with any statistics and data you came across somewhere.You can come up with the real life stories of your fellow humans who survived or of those who succumbed.
Remaining silent is as political as speaking out. If you can not somehow manage to come out in the sun to speak- to show your dissent or approval, tell it here.