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Forum Index : : Topic - DO u think Navodaya Scheme should be extended to College also...??
Author : BALRAM PARMAR JNV Name : Shyampur-Sehore-Madhya Pradesh
No of Posts : 2 Date/time : 10-11-2010 10:38:51
hello friends
There is no doubt that Navodaya'an are excelling after +2 like getting in IITs,doing MBBS at higher level joining as IAS ,flying abroad,but have u ever notices how many of your Batch are really doing good.If I am right its not more than 20-40 % .So what about those 60% why they could not perform well ? why they went their villages again ? have we ever tried to find the reason?
I think its lack of career guidance and also MONEY.A navodaya student level if he is average ,is not lower than a public school student so if they are provided financial support then those will be added to list of succesfull Navodians.
What are your views friends why all the Navodians are not able to perform well after +2??

Author : KARTHIK JNV Name : Pariakalpet-Pondicherry-Pondicherry
No of Posts : 1 Date/Time : 11-01-2011 15:50:08
I strongly agree with your point. One major reason is the lack of financial support for our Navodians. As you really said every year 60 - 70% percent of our friends are left behind with no further education.

I would say Navodaya students choice of the better career has developed than before but they miss bcos of MONEY.

I heard many Navodaya Alumni has a corpus fund. It is well appreciated we give back to our school in way of facilities, infrastructure etc.

Also if every batch can support higher education of the passing out navodians that would be of great help to break this hurdle.

Author : PRAMOD KUMAR BAG JNV Name : Belpada-Balangir-Orissa
No of Posts : 1 Date/Time : 16-08-2011 16:29:59
Dear Balram, I very much agree with your concern.