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Forum Index : : Topic - Navodaya Deserves Change: Part 1
Author : MD SHABAB ANWAR JNV Name : Jethian-Gaya-Bihar
No of Posts : 3 Date/time : 09-05-2012 15:19:59
Navodayans, a tagline that is used to describe the students studied in jnv, and no doubt, everyone is proud to be a navodayan. And in fact we can't gave that much thanks to our holy school jnv, with respect to how much we have learned there.. Its all that matter b'coz getting admission in jnv is not everyones cup of tea. And it also provides green signal for the secondary education to the students belonging from the predominantly rural class family. Now coming to the topic, i 15 year student, just given d board exam this year. And i have got such a platform to share my views and experiences which i always used to bother about.
So, here i am listing some of the things in front of u which should be taken care or should be discussed that it should be come into effect or not.
(1- No doubt that nvs is providing a good quality education to the students at secondary level, but i am putting here a question in front of u that why many of students is not going to study their for their senior secondary studies? The ans may be for acquiring quality education in outside..but why jnv is running in our country.? Urs or mine ans will be for providing quality education.. So where the fault lies..may be the teachers are not dedicative or they are not getting competitive surroundings.. So now the time has came when we should have to think over this scenario and what could be the alternatives.. Ur advice and suggestions are welcomed in this regard, b'coz we have joined here together for talking and discussing such types of things. If i will have to give suggestions, then( there is a need of non profit organisation, comprising of the alumunus of different jnvs and who is working anywhere as a professionals, in this charity like organisation the alumunus will donate money, the common people who is interested can donate money.. And utilising this money in a good way we can do the following things.
>provide well managed and quality study materials to the students studying in senior secondary thats why they could be the part of the mainstream and could do perform comparitively better..
B'coz i have seen so much seniors who have got 80 to 90% marks in 12th board but he can't make it to iit jee or good ranks in various competitive exams.. And there are so many things which are needed.
Ur suggestions in this regard is welcomed

Author : MD SHABAB ANWAR JNV Name : Jethian-Gaya-Bihar
No of Posts : 3 Date/Time : 09-05-2012 15:25:43
There r so many changes which can be done by using that money i'll mention all that in my Part:2 article

Author : REWA SMRITI JNV Name : Kolasi-Katihar-Bihar
No of Posts : 67 Date/Time : 28-06-2012 13:05:14
Very True...and we have to do something for the same.

Author : NIKHILESH PATIL JNV Name : Amanwara-Chhindwara-Madhya Pradesh
No of Posts : 2 Date/Time : 04-05-2013 16:13:08
JNV have very dense network throughout country and i thought the main reason behind this is that in JNV 11- 12th std student not get the extra coaching/ extra classes for entrance exam like JEE/AIPMT/AIEEE. so student prefer to live JNV rather wasting their one year for that(most of them do) .
But to tackle that problem NVS started a program initiate by Dakshana Fod. in JNV Bangalore where they provide by the special guidance and extra effort to succeed in this kind of examination.
As state erlier it took time for implement in rest of JNV.