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Forum Index : : Topic - Suggest the month for Get Together@JNV Katihar in 2012!
Author : REWA SMRITI JNV Name : Kolasi-Katihar-Bihar
No of Posts : 67 Date/time : 09-07-2012 5:28:37

Dear Navodayans,

The Navodaya story needs no introduction. Neither does one need to quantify the extraordinary efforts that this institution has been putting to provide a platform of growth for innumerable rural youth across India. Those who have had the fortune of transiting from childhood to adolescence in this cradle, cherish the time spent there as one of the best years of their life. Time unfolds another year but memories keep you ever near...

Many times it's our actions, not just our words that really speak what our heart feels.  I am sure many of us fondly call Navodaya as our second family. Let us not forget our responsibilities and duties towards this family.  It’s high time we put in efforts to contribute to its betterment, so that many more like us can cherish similar or better experiences, for many more years to come.

Many of us have already been giving so much back to the Navodaya family and have been contributing in various ways to this society. Furthering the same efforts, we are planning for a Get-Together at JNV Katihar, Bihar. It is being planned as a two day event. We need each one of you, so we request everybody to come forward and kindly suggest months /dates for Get-Together so that we can ensure maximum turnaround.

Let us all brainstorm to zero down a best set activities to be conducted in two days to ensure that we have sufficient interaction with the administration/students to understand the challenges that they face and discuss among ourselves to dwell on how and where can we make ourselves useful for them. While, doing all this, let’s also keep scope for ourselves to live those lovely days once again.

We would appreciate if you could all pour your ideas regarding anything and everything about this event. Let us spend enough time and chalk out the most effective plan. We value your opinion and would appreciate your kind feedback and support in whatever form.


Rewa Smriti